Stump Grinding Case Study

Our client on this job was another tree contractor, who had removed the tree for their client but had no means of grinding out the stump.

Our Client’s Aim

To grind out the stump in its entirely, so as low as possible and including all the surround roots.

Our Proposal

  • The stump was a reasonable size with good access around it so we used our largest stump grinder;
    the Rayco RG100.
  • The rotating head has hammer like teeth that pulverizes the stump into wood chip. This rotating head moved side-to-side and up and down so that it can be moved into contact with the stump.
  • The surrounding soil was dug up around the stump to allow the machine to grind deeper into the
    ground and reach all of the surrounding roots.
  • The stump grindings were left in a pile on site for the client to deal with but can be removed from
    site, if required. We left this site as a hole in the ground but this can be replaced with top soil, tobring up the ground level, and then sown with grass seed.

What was a reasonably sized stump, with extensive roots surrounding it under the ground, has now been completely removed allowing the client to use this piece of ground as they please without the obstruction of a stump.