Stump Grinding Case Study – Paddock clearance


Our client had a row of approx. 15 stumps, located within a paddock, from trees that were removed several years ago. Whilst the stumps had begun to rot and had softened somewhat, they were still firm in the ground and it would be many years before they had completed decomposed.

Our Client’s Aim

To grind out all of the stumps to 300mm below ground level to allow the area to be turned back into grass.

Our Proposal

  • These were small to medium sized stumps that had begun to rot so were relatively soft in comparison to a newly felled tree stump. They had good access as they were in an open grass paddock, along the perimeter fence. As such, we used our mid-sized Rayco RG50.
  • The rotating head has hammer like teeth that pulverizes the stump into wood chip. This rotating head moved side-to-side and up and down so that it can be moved into contact with the stump.  The stump grinder is mobile, so can be self-driven to each stump.
  • The stumps were ground to 300mm below ground level, as per the client’s specification, and the rotating head lowers to this level from a ground level position without having to dig around the stump.
  • The stump grindings were raked to leave the ground level with any excess arisings removed from site.
  • The arisings with naturally decompose, which will gradually lower the ground level. This should be topped up with top soil before sowing grass seed or, if possible, the arisings completely removed and replaced with top soil to accommodate the newly sown grass seed.


Clear and level bare earth, without the presence of any stumps, that can be topped up, or replaced, with top soil and sown with grass seed.