Tree Work Case Study – Poplars Removed


Following a tree condition survey undertaken by the Council, two large Poplar trees approx. 22m in height were condemned and recommended for removal. Both trees had major deadwood throughout their crown and had previously lost limbs over the adjacent children’s play area.

Our Client’s Aim

To remove the two large Poplar trees safely and remove all the arising from site without causing any damage to the surrounding infrastructure including the children’s playground equipment.

Our Proposal

  • Whilst the trees had large amounts of dead branches, the main trunk was structurally sounds so we accessed the crown of the trees by climbing with a rope and harness.
  • Some branches were cut and allowed to carefully freefall into an open space below, whilst other branches, that overhang buildings or play equipment, were lowered using a rigging system so that the cut branches could be maneuvered into the open space below.
  • Low ground pressure boards were used to get vehicles and equipment close to the work site, so to protect the ground beneath and minimize any remedial works afterwards.
  • All arising up to 20cm in diameter were chipped into our 7.5ton lorry and removed from site.
  • All arisings over 20cm in diameter were moved into a pile using our Avant Loader and collected at the end of the job by a 20ton grab lorry.
  • Both stumps were ground out, using a big Rayco RG100 stump grinder, to a depth of 300mm below ground level to allow for replacement planting in a similar location.


The trees were safely removed and the stumps ground out without any damage caused to the adjacent buildings and play equipment. By using the low ground pressure boards, minimal remedial works were required and the area was carefully raked over and re-seeded to help grass to re-establish in the disturbed areas of ground.

Aerial photos site set up on the first tree removal

Close up of climbing in the crown of the tree