Do I need permission to have work carried out on my trees?

We are often asked by clients whether they need permission to have work carried out on their trees?

Below is a comprehensive overview of the permissions and considerations related to tree protection and management. It’s crucial for individuals or organisations planning tree works to be aware of these regulations to ensure compliance and protect the environment.

Key points to consider:

  1. Tree Preservation Order (TPO): This legal order provides protection to specific trees and permission is required before any work can be carried out. The intention is to prevent the unjustified removal or harm to significant trees.
  2. Conservation Area: Trees in designated conservation areas also have protection and written notification is required for proposed works. If there are no objections within 6 weeks, the works can proceed. Certain exemptions can apply for smaller trees.
  3. Felling License: While there are restrictions on the volume of timber that can be felled in certain circumstances, private gardens are typically exempt. However, it’s essential to be aware of the regulations and any specific exemptions.
  4. Tree Ownership: Seeking permission from the tree owner is crucial. If the tree is on someone else’s property, permission must be obtained. However, if a neighbouring tree overhangs your property, you can cut it back to your boundary. The cut branches still belong to your neighbour and these should be offered back to them. The Tree Preservation Order and Conservation Area restrictions will always over ride this rule and so specific procedures should be followed, and the relevant permissions obtained.
  5. Engaging Professional Services: Hiring professional tree services can streamline the process as they can conduct the necessary checks and handle applications on behalf of the client. This ensures that all legal requirements are met before any work commences. Please CLICK HERE to arrange a free call with one of our team.

Understanding and adhering to these regulations not only helps protect trees and the environment but also avoids legal complications and penalties associated with unauthorised tree works. It’s a responsible and necessary approach to tree management.

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