Vegetation Management Case Study – Land Clearance


An area of overgrown, unused land required clearing for future development.

Our Client’s Aim

To clear the area of all vegetation with the exception of a few trees that could remain.

Our Proposal 

  • As the area of land was reasonably large and densely overgrown with vegetation, it would have taken a long time to clear using only hand-operated equipment, such as a chainsaw and brush cutter. Therefore, we used our remote-controlled flail-bot with a forestry mulcher attachment.
  • The forestry mulching head uses swinging hammer type flails that are capable of cutting through thicker vegetation, compared to the standard grass cutting head of around 1 inch diameter.
  • The cut vegetation is then mulched up into small fragments by the flail, leaving the cleared area level without the need of removing the arisings from site. This cut vegetation will naturally disintegrate over time or could be raked up and removed from site, if needed.
  • Whilst this area of land was relatively flat, our flail-bot is capable of working on slopes of up to 55 degrees. It is also remote-controlled which allows the operative to work from flat ground and at at a safe distance from flying debris.


Following completion of the works, we achieved the open water area wanted by the client as well as retaining a proportion of reeds and bulrushes for the wildlife. The end result also provided a more aesthetically pleasing pond for the surrounding residents which, with the areas of open water, will likely encourage more wildlife to the pond including bird species.