Tree Reports & Survey Case Study – Tree Condition Survey


A Housing Association, covering the East of England, required a Tree Condition Survey of all the trees across their 390 sites, with an estimated 3,200 trees.

Our Client’s Aim

All the trees were to be electronically marked on the clients GIS mapping system, so they knew the exact location of each tree, along with details of the tree species, condition, code and any recommended works to maintain the safety of their sites. The client has a specific code system where;

  • Code A was deemed an urgent safety risk and was to be notified immediately
  • Code B was recommended works within 12 months of inspection
  • Code C was no works required.

In addition, all trees had to be surveyed, with the Report & Survey data provided to the client, within a 3-month deadline.

Our Proposal

  • A pre-commencement meeting was set up with the client to clarify the remit and the parameters of the survey such as what they considered to be a tree, what they considered to be urgent etc.
  • Due to the volume of trees to be surveyed, and the deadline, we deployed two Tree Surveyors full time on this Tree Condition Survey.
  • Each surveyor worked alone on their allocated areas, using a mobile tablet device and OTISS tree surveying software to electronically mark and record the data for each tree. As a general rule, we survey around 50 trees per day but this can be less, if there is a lot of travel to multiple sites, or much more, if all the trees are located on the one site.
  • On completion of the onsite surveying, our lead Tree Surveyor collates the data are produces the final Tree Report. The is checked and proof read by the other surveyor, or member of the management team, before being sent to the client.

The Result

  • The Report is presented in an easy-to-read layout with Terms & Definitions to help the client understand some of the industry specific terminology.
  • The Survey is also presented in a clear and understandable manner with any works colour-coded to again help easily identify where action is needed.
  • As we undertake both tree surveying and tree surgery works, we are able to undertake any of the recommended works within the survey. This has proven very beneficial to the company and its clients, as our Tree Teams are able to communicate directly with our Tree Surveyors to clarify any specific works or to get help locating a tree.