Landscaping Case Study – rear garden redesigned and landscaped


Our client wanted their entire rear garden designed and landscaped.

Our Client’s Aim

To create a newly landscaped area that maximizes the use of the space. They required us to provide a seating area, plenty of planting and a new Bin Store, whilst ensuring minimal maintenance requirements.

Our Proposal

  • Removal of the existing paving, brick-built planter, old Bin Store and all existing shrubbery.
  • Green Oak Sleepers were used to create two raised planters on the left-hand side of the garden to allow a clear walkway from the main back door to the garden gate, which was previously obstructed by the brick planter. These planters were filled with quality top soil and planted with various low-maintenance shrubs.
  • A seat was built between the two planters with a storage compartment beneath to store cushions that would be used on the seat.
  • The existing paved area was replaced with 24m2 of porcelain paving, which provides a fresher look that is easier to clean and maintain.
  • A further area was created with three small pleached trees and further low-maintenance shrubs planted. The pleached trees were chosen to help provide a screen of the car park area behind.
  • A new Bin Store was built in the same location using new timbers and new felt for the roof.


This was a complete overhaul with all existing features removed and removed with new. Whilst still mostly hard landscaping, we have introduced areas of low-maintenance planting and provided a more inviting and useable space with the seating area.



Front View