Landscaping Case Study – Garden transformation

Our client’s garden had recently been cleared and was left as bare earth, with the perimeter fencing in very poor condition. The rear boundary was also at a higher level to the garden. They had one single tree at the rear of the garden that they wanted to keep.

Our Client’s Aim
To create a useable space that was tidy in appearance, easy to maintain and would allow them to establish new planting to attract birds and other wildlife.

Our Proposal

  • Reclaimed sleepers were used to create a raised bed retainer along the rear boundary to hold back the earth and ensure stability, as well as creating a space for planting.
  • The perimeter fencing was replaced with new close board panel fencing and trellis was added to provide additional privacy.
  • A new four-size random paving patio area was installed adjacent to the property, so they had a useable space for their garden furniture, and a pergola was built to provide an element of shade and to allow for a climbing plant to grow onto it.
  • A small circular grass area was created, with a gravel path around it, to allow easy access to the perimeter borders.
  • A border was left around the perimeter of the outer garden to allow space for further shrub planting by the client.

A complete garden transformation from an empty space to a fresh, welcoming and useable garden. It has functioning space adjacent to the house with a small grass area and easy to maintain perimeter borders with good access via the gravel path.