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Tree Surgery Terms Explained

Formative Pruning

This is a form of pruning and is usually undertaken on a young tree which is still developing and maturing into a well-established tree. The process involves the removal of branches which are crossing one another and intertwining.

This process normally need to be repeated while the tree is still developing, but saves costs later on down the line once the tree has matured.

Crown Cleaning

Overtime debris will build up in the trees crown, otherwise known as the canopy, and this can generate a risk should they fall. To remove this hazard and to make the trees crown look visually more appealing you should opt for crown cleaning.

Crown cleaning involves the removal of this debris, making it look better and cleaner.

Crown Lifting

If you want to open up the underside of the tree’s crown to create more space than this is the service you need. The process involves the removal of the larger branches which can be found beneath the crown. It has the effect of making the tree seem taller, creates the illusion of more space and allows natural light to flow.

Crown Thinning

As the name suggests this involves the removal of branches throughout the crown of the tree. This reduces the branch density and helps the tree to develop. There are several reasons why this would need to be undertaken, but as professional tree surgeons we are more than happy to advise you.

Crown Reduction/ Reshaping

To maintain or acquire a desirable shape the best form of action is crown reshaping/reduction. As with crown thinning no more than 30% of the foliage should be removed and this process involves various techniques. Understandably the larger the tree the greater the work and risk associated with the task – to learn more about this please telephone us.

When would we recommend you utilise this service;

  •  When a tree is overgrown
  •  When the tree become unstable due to the size of its crown
  •  To reshape the crown

This is a brief overview of just some of the terms which are used by the professionals in the industry – however stay tuned for our next instalment of tree surgery terms explained! And remember if you need a tree surgeon in Cambridge call us on 01638 750 186.

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