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Tree Surgery Terms Explained; Part II

Following on from our previous article we are looking at terms typically used in relation to tree surgery. To get an insight and learn more about the service you are looking to utilise, read on as we explains some terms which could be of use.


As the name suggests, this process involves the removal of the trees branches to leave a bare frame – resembling a pollard. This is a good way to restrict and maintain the height and span of a tree, and with regular maintenance will ensure a nice shape once the tree is fully matured.

Epicormic Growth

These are small shoots located at the base of a tree which, if left, will grow up around the trunk of the tree and even around some of the lower branches. These affect the appearance of the tree, and can be removed to make the tree look neat and tidy.

Dead Wooding

Whether through old age or disease, a tree will lose some of its branches; however these can sometime stay connected to the tree itself or get caught in the canopy of the tree, creating a potential health and safety risk. To remove any risks and to ensure the canopy of the tree looks neat and tidy then dead wooding is necessary. This process involves the removal of any dead branches which are caught in the canopy of the tree or still connected to the tree itself.

Stump Grinding

Once a tree has been felled a stump is left, and should you want this removed then stump grinding is typically the best option of removing it. Digging up a stump is labour intensive due to the vast network of roots, but stump grinding merely grinds the stump down so it is no longer obtrusive.

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