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Tree Surgery Techniques in Arboriculture

As skilled arboriculturalists, we here at S.P. Landscapes are capable of performing an array of essential maintenance services for our customers, yet many mistakenly believe our talent to be specifically centred on the removal of trees. This isn’t the case, as in fact we have a wide range of services including tree surgery Norwich which we will endeavour to explain below.


Specialising in tree surgery, we have a vast selection of services that both our commercial and domestic customers could be taking advantage of:

Tree Care and Maintenance

The removal of a tree isn’t necessarily needed all of the time, and we at S.P. Landscapes often strive to save the tree wherever possible, due to its positive effect on the environment and the habitat it creates for the local wildlife. Subsequently, we have an array of techniques to save the tree whilst ensuring that it is manageable rather than being a monstrous obstruction. Therefore we prune the tree, which involves removing dead wood, and lift the crown so that the lower branches are removed for a more visually pleasing effect.


Although we have the necessary expertise to be able to save trees wherever possible, we do also appreciate that for many of our customers the removal of the tree is wanted rather than required.

Tree Removal

Although the removal of a tree may sound simple enough, it actually takes a lot of skill, technical aptitude and experience to be able to perform it safely. For this reason, all of our tree surgeons are comprehensively trained and we also have extensive insurance should an accident occur, offering homeowners reassuring home security Norwich and commercial clients complete peace of mind.


If you would like further information regarding our tree surgery Norwich techniques then be sure to get in touch by calling us on 01638 750 186.

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