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Tree Care Tips in the Ely Area

Keeping your trees under control and in pristine condition is not always easy but maintaining and caring for your trees is essential to keeping them healthy and prolonging their life. SP Landscapes know the importance of tree care in Ely and have devised some handy tips to help you keep your trees looking healthy and attractive.

Professional Tree Care

The best way to take care of your trees is to regularly utilise the skills of a professional team like us here at SP Landscapes. Our dedicated team offer you the complete tree care package including knowledgeable advice, tree maintenance, pruning and after care.  We can also carry out tree surveys and reports to check your tree is safe, this is a particularly beneficial service if your trees are near any building as roots can damage the foundations and dead or damaged trees are more at risk of falling over onto buildings.

So you know how the professionals can help but what can you do to care for your trees?

Cherry Trees

If you have cherry tress it’s important to know when and when not to prune them. It’s important that a cherry tree is only pruned during the growing season – when the tree is in leaf and after flowering. It must never be done in winter; this reduces the risk of bacterial and canker infections.


In recent years spider mites have damaged and killed thousands of conifer trees every year. They suck the nutrients from pines turning the trees brown and brittle. There is an easy treatment you can carry out yourselves if you are worried your conifer has spider mites and it is to simply subject your conifer to strong bursts of water and repeat this for three to four days, this will dislodge the spider mites and remove them from your trees.

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